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Why Consider Us?

We are not a company that just has afocus statement and mimission statement that hangs on a wall or is published in a policy manual. We are a company of tradition and commitment that live through our focus statement and mission statement every day.

The company maintains an open-door policy, wherein associates are encouraged to speak openly to any level of management up to, and including, the Chief Executive Officer/President.

The Keyes Family

Additional information about Keyes-International:

Culture – Keyes-International promotes a team-oriented and entrepreneurial culture that allows our associates to grow both personally and professionally.  We realize that our people are our greatest assets and they contribute to the success of the company.

Values – Keyes-International Standards of Conduct reflect the Company’s basic values:
To source high-quality material, cost effective health and beauty care products;
To be honest, trustworthy and reliable in all relationships;
To be a good corporate citizen of the community where Keyes-International conducts business;
To be responsive to the needs and justifiable expectations of the associates on the our team;
 To pursue profitability and growth.

Quality – A high quality product delivered on time and complete are two of the major elements that provide customer satisfaction. Pride of workmanship is how we contribute our share to product quality. We cannot afford a dissatisfied customer.

Diversity – Keyes-International is committed and embraces diversity in our work environment. We believe that diversity is essential to our continued business success and view it as a valuable asset.